- Manion


Manion has been djing Jungle/DnB since 1995 and producing jungle/dnb/breakz under different guises since 1999/2000. Now specializing in 140 Jungle or Future Jungle, Manion is obsessed with mashing and molding Jungle, Dub, Break Beat, Dubstep, UK hardcore and a hint of hip hop, into a style you can undoubtedly classify as filthy. Manion first gained someint ernat ional not oriet y wit h his t earout breaks group Sinners Inc. Being nominated for best tune ( God Of Murder, Kindcrime rec) at the 2010 breakspoll awards and a mini tour of Spain. Manion left Sinners Inc. in the fall of 2010. Now working on a solo tip under the moniker Manion. He has some massive Tunes on Definition:breaks, Transverse Recordings ( Rekurve), and forthcoming tunes out on quantum Progression Audio, Transverse Recordings, Breakz R Boss, Definition:breaks, Retcon Rec and many more.. Yes, 2013 is looking to be a huge year for Badman Manion.