- Manic


Manic was 13 years old when he put the first time hand on a turntable. He went through several experiences into the clubs of north of France and south of Belgium to improve his skills, taking the rythm from his trances and minimalists melodies to rythm his own success. This period allowed Manic to cross the road of famous and internationally recognized DJs. After all these years of mix and musical deepening and because itís the ultimate way to be in symbiosis with his public, Manic decided, at the age of 32, to create his own tracks.


200 Chillout Songs
Delbert Schneider, Delfina Deines, Clementine Calaway, Claudia Hunt, Broke Luxorius, Light in Color, Cierra Ballester, Bobbi Briere, Benigna Maier, Alice Shelton, Aaron Steve, Lumoa, Jess & Jess, Chillo, Lana Lupercio, So Phistry, Darren Kim, Double Go, Monroe Days, Joette Ault, Daki 2000, Alene Messina, Will Fishman, Aida Antonelli, Avelina Jose, flexible moon, Angelina Astle, Fiona Daniels, Glady Gowans, Emma Luna, Wesley Colon, Kai Elston, Elias Harmon, Mike Warren, Helaine Stowe, Myeric, Nicolai Jan Hübner, Oscar Salguero, Dennis O'Neill, Koller, Ibiza Chillout, Intermode, John Loengard, Kgc, Olympic, Paco Flores, Dubstep, Meed, Neka, Syntheticsax, Mike Prado, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Tarena, Schwarz & Funk, Loungeside, M. Vitoria, Ron Ractive, Vio Beach, Pusteblume, Macerio, Hot & Chilled, Dlareg Ralkep, Marla B. Bisches, Meckie Mex, Relaxraum, D&D, SanSouci, Tryptamoon, Friction Machine, Myrtill, Naksi & Brunner, Svensen, Don Gorda Project, V I F, Lola Palmer, Trillian, Aura, Danielle Senior, Akira, Stars 'n' Stripes, Prohibisound, DJ Riquo, Core of Time, Ticane, KG, Soulfultrance the Real Producers, Nomad One, Gerald Peklar, Club Camarillo, Amanic, Ralf Rondell, Captain Wayan, Dj Kalani, Auditory Canvas, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Author's Intent, Caitlyn Hessell, Elysian Piers, Comis, DJ Snail, Nik Thomas, Kristina Supergenius, Return To Gaia, Kurt Tepperwein, Tlsfly, Spektrum-Gebeit, Florian Filsinger, Stanislaw Witta, Counting Clouds, TMC, Ee2, Martin Andreas Paulus, Kim & Buran, M.H.M., Symbols Of Sound, Dodo Basnak, Tv And Film Music, Datamouth, Fiolent V, Timescape, Aquaba Project, Von Salis Reto, Tim Walter, Gantcho, Christos Fourkis, Daniele Nacci, Tomtation, Rick Project, Finist, Tim Utfeld, Johannes Eggenberger, Woltrax, Lauge, Baba Gnohm, Mherman, Mr. Dave G., Anima Infinity, Jah Cult, Soul-ty, Lex Chaplin, Chill Destination H262, Pedro Balse, Blue Mushroom Recordings, George D, Shorpi, Alex, Samantha Goldfield, Martin Bro, Falling Dreams, Dramatclown, Evgeny Glinyanskiy, Lies, Maeryn Schenz, KT, Leila Lambrecht, Rosemary Olson, Roxano de Santiago, Ruben Hall, Buddha Lounge DJs, Vivian Holmes, Oscar Rogers, Tad Hutchens, Roy Bennett, Joleen Hollis, Shanell Souza, Rikki Rothermel, Josefina Keller, Josif Imen Puerta, Brunner, Louis Bailar, Micrologue, Manic, Modula, Karsten Beust
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-03-30