- Malik B


Malik BoudariBorn in Northern France in 1972, Malik was quickly interested in music.In 1988, at the age of 16, he became one of the youngest resident club DJ in the North of France and took part in many parties and events in France and Belgium.1990 Malik integrated professional recording studios located in France SAREMA international.1993, Malik product " French Traxx Vol 1 "on Peek a boo records, the real international success that year ranking among the best French underground artists of the moment with Laurent Garnier .Malik produced several mini album as E SPACE vol 2, 3 ,THC vol 1, 2 ,3, Renaissance EP Vol 1, 2. 3 ...etc1994 He is proposed to produce two exclusive tracks for the first compilation At the Villa vol 1 and he produced several tracks on the Label UFK, Happy Men EP1995 Malik was noticed by the record label Bonzai which contacts him, he will follow a series of mini-album such as Mockba, Virtual Element, Bonux, Dream System, Sub- Sequence etc ..1997 DJ Tiesto signs for his first mixed compilation of 2 tracks Malik B , republished in 2000 and again in 2011Malik Boudari, better known as Mockba, Virtual Element, Dream System, Space E, FrenchTraxx, Moon Eclipse, Renaissance Ep, Sub-sequence, THC, Tresor of minds etc ... worked on labels such as: Peek-A-Boo Records, Bonzai Records, Onesider records, UFK records, records Tranceportation, Music Man Records, Black Hole Recordings, Lowbit records , Kingdom records, Singez Recordings ...His tracks have been played by many more fine names from the early Techno music - House music & Trance musics cene...