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Makumba/Darkshire Bio_ShortMario Sounoglou is the mind behind Darkshire and Makumba Projects. He was born in Athens, Greece on December 21st, 1984 and lives currently in Athens. Mario holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Computer Animation from University of Kent, UK.Mario discovered Psychedelic Trance in the early 2000s after attending various music festivals and started experimenting with sound and music production in 2004. Several albums and releases with Darkshire Project and his side project Kokobloko followed in Labels such as Lycantrop Records, Deviant Force, Manic Dragon. In 2011, his collaboration with Fareji Jalebi appears in Parvati Records on VA - Pearls & Pixies 3. Late 2011, Mario released the Debut Kokobloko Album “Pobeg V Budushee”. Two years later Mario launched his new solo project “Makumba”, evolution of Darkshire sound with its Debut EP “Drawn to life”. In the following years he released the 2nd full length Kokobloko Album “FutureProof” and Collaborative album “Kokobloko & Radice – Brainboard” under “Future Tribe Office”. The 2nd Makumba EP “Spirit Matters” followed on Insomnia Records in December 2015. Meanwhile, from late 2014, the Obelisk Project was born. Obelisk is a trio consisting of Ectogasmics and Makumba/Darkshire. In April 2016, Parvati Records released the 1st Obelisk EP “The fingerprint”.For more info browse:www.soundcloud.com/darkshireproject www.soundcloud.com/kokoblokoproject www.darkshire-kokobloko.bandcamp.com www.kokobloko-labz.com