- Mad Arm


Mad Arm, French DJ & producer, was born in Toulouseon November 24t h 1988.Mad Arm st art ed his House, Tech House and Tribalset s in a few renowned bars and clubsin Toulouse. He lat er became a resident of severalplaces in t he pink cit y.He has always been at t ract ed by musical influencescoming from art ist s such as Trist an Garner,Sébast ien Léger, St eve Angello, Eric Prydz, BingoPlayers, Chocolat e Puma, Mast iksoul, Belocca,Pleasurekraft , Paul and Frit z Kalkbrenner...He finds hisinspirat ion in all t hose different soundsin order t o creat e his own st yle.He remixed Highlight , a piece by Wexon & Mart inSayker, signed wit h t he Syst em RecordingLabel (N.Y.C).He also feat ured on E.S.M.A, by Mart inSayker, for t he Moon Records Label.Mad Arm is passionat e, persevering, and fast idious inhis work, and does everyt hing t o maket he public benefit from his t alent .