- Mac


Paul Mc Carthy (aka as Mac) has been keeping the musical flag flying high since the early years after his brother first introduced him to the plethora of circulated 90's bootlegged tapes in his collection and to the mysterious world of club music. If we fast forward to the present, we pass through years of Macs mix tapes and podcasts that reached out to the ears of many along the way. Presently Mac has now established himself as a remixer & producer of his own music which encompasses and combines genres such as the old UK style of epic house with the gritty and dark underground bump of Berlin. A story is told throughout each production and is presented to the listener in a way that sets him aside from the rest of his peers. Not allowing the dreams of youth be regrets of maturity, Mac is working hard and finding his way through the cogs of the industry not stopping even when the cables are packed away and the last coat ticket has been handed in. With more projects, mixes and releases on the audio horizon, 2013 is poised to be a year of great discovery and adventure for Mac and his bindle of frequencies.