- Maako


Mirco Knecht and Marc Lori alias Maako are a Duo based in Switzerland. Even though they were living in the same village their whole life they didn’t really know each other until they went together to technical school. It was about 2010 when they both started their musical career. In the beginning, they were acting under different aliases mainly in the dance music scene. At an early stage, they started producing and expanding their musical knowledge. Their technical background made the process of making music a lot easier for them. A few years and hundreds of projects went by until they finally got in contact with the underground scene. After their first contact, they soon realized that their passion for this particular music is immense, so they decided to put their current projects on hold and start under the new alias Maako. Soon after that, they finished their first track called Cankuna which was released on Enzo Siffredi’s label Wired. The track made it into the Beatport and Traxsource Top 100 charts. Although they already fell in love with this scene everything was still quite new to them. Due to that, they decided to expand their knowledge and gain new inspirations by extensively exploring this world. During this time they met a lot of people which later became their friends. All the new inspiration helped them to find and improve their own style. This led to a full year of focusing on their productions. With that being said they have big things coming up in 2018, so stay tuned.