- M3-O


Moses “M3-O” Olivier is a UK Hardcore DJ and producer based in the UK.Moses discovered Happy Hardcore back in the mid-90s and was instantly hooked. From that point on everything in his life revolved around listening to happy hardcore and all forms of “Rave” music.Coming from a musically accomplished family and surrounded by musically active adults since birth, he was always interested in more than just listening. Immediately after discovering Happy Hardcore he was interested in how the music was created and performed; even though he didn’t have a clue about either at that time, this didn’t stop him from choosing a Dj name and dreaming of the day he would be able to share his passion.In early 2017 Moses decided to leave the Dj name he chose when he was 12 (well before he even bought decks) and start afresh. Under his new alias “M3-O”, he had his first label release “V-Star – How Does It Feel (M3-O Remix)” on “Hush Records” as well as “Tritonal & Paris Blohm ft. Sterling Fox - Colours (M3-O Remix) which was released as a free download.In November 2017 Moses launched This Is Our Sound (TiOS Digital) with his track "M3-O feat. V-Star - Feels So Right" (which hit No.9 in the TID Charts), followed by "M3-O feat. Starscream- Life's Amazing". Fast forward to February 2018, Moses had his first No.1 in the TID charts with his track featuring V-Star "From My Heart".In June 2018 Moses released his first mini album called “Year One” which had a highly demanded 100 CD limited edition press.Moses continues to produce and dj to this day...