- M Sequence


Toronto, CanadaNamed Mateusz(Msequence or Matthew M) Matt began the life long passionate journey of music creation. His perceptions of life and the surroundings around him are best exemplified through his music and his DJ mixes. Matt creates and presents soundscapes and rhythms with which he tries to paint a picture and evoke emotion. His passion for life is reflected through his music as it hopefully inspires those who listen to it.It’s been a busy few years for Msequence as he has been working very hard both in tha studio as well as with DJing. Hard work does pay off with releases on In trance we trust, Straight up, Liquid (Spinnin)Germany (4 Strings, Ron Van Den Beuken, and Matt Darey), ARC Records Austria (Deep Spirit, DJ Delta), Existence Records Canada (Paul K, Pj Davy, and LeRon & Yves Eaux), Amplified Digital (Karl G) and 4 Play trax. Major support from Paul Oakenfold and Lisa Lashes. Msequence also gets invited to play at all the major Canadian automotive events