- M-Rec!


M-Rec!, Michael Rikkelman was born 23-03-1985 in Hoorn in the Netherlands. He started his hobby producing electronic dance music in 1999. He was 14 years old and experimented with sounds like Trance, House, dance, etc. But he never produced a track that he wanted to make. 1999 was also the year that Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, and Ferry Corsten got famous with their unique Dutch trance sounds. Michael was always listening to Radio 538 Dance department on Saturday night and was really captured by that sensitive beautiful euphoric sounds. It was music that was build on the melody just the way Michael loved it. He had never heard such special music before and thought that is what he wanted to make also. The years go by and Michael is 20 years old now. He bought professional producing software and experimented almost every day to get the tracks that he wanted to make. It was not easy to get the sounds that he really want. Two years later he finally had a track where he could say yes this is what I want this is my sound. Almost every day he was busy polishing his sounds and it works. From dj course and a basic producing education for a half year Michael is now ready for the electronic music industry and has a contract under the label Soundlab. He is 26 years old now. His roots are from the Trance and Progressive music, but he also makes tracks where you can put the House, Dance, and experimental sign on.