- M-Kamikaze


M-Kamikaze aka DJ Manolo, was introduced to electronicmusic at a very young age by his brother, DJ Arturo Maia.His interest in music and the scene grew rapidly, and soonenough he was playing his first DJ gigs at age nineteen. Ashe carved his dynamic style playing throughout Mexico'smost important cities, he simultaneously spent his timestudying music, drums and audio engineering, whicheventually led him to set up his own studio where he spendsmost of his day working on his explosive M-Kamikazesound. With his experience, his studies, the countless hoursin the studio and the support from his closest artist friendssuch as D-Tek, Absolum and Perplex, M-Kamikaze hasdeveloped a unique and powerful sound that roars from thespeakers unto the crowds of the best parties and festivalsacross the country with an immediate bursting impact on thedancefloor.His first releases have been in the airwaves since 2005 withhis First Lesson in collaboration with Perplex, and his ownPaz Mundo released on Maia Records' acclaimed Hecho enMexico compilation. Get ready to deep-dive into the world ofKamikaze and his latest inventions.