- Luke Nova


Lukas Novacek, aka Luke Nova is a DJ and PRODUCER living in PRAGUE/CZ with fondness for DEEP HOUSE music. Luke has started to listening electronic music thanks to his brother and followed techno and electronic music culture when he was 15. Something around 2005 he started to mix his first vinyls and in 2008 he had his first appearance in club. He became resident of one club night at Faval club in Brno but after some time the techno has been started to be too much heavy and monotonous for him so he has decided to stop playing publicly until he will find something which will be more connected to his current music requirements.Yes, it was DEEP HOUSE music what finally satisfied him. He has finally begun to give more pleasure by his music, for example on of the best deep house night in Brno - COONK. And played already in clubs like Perpetuum, Bukanyr, Yes!, HooDoo, Chapeau Rouge, Sklenick, Mersey, Abstrakt, Faval, Zoo bar, Touster, Bat Music Space, Station Bar, Styx, Trix, 7. nebe,Acka,Cihelna,Wakata,POPcore,Gazela,Club 68 and with all these skills and progression of music technologies improved his mix and playing now from 3 pc decks, using always lot of reverbs, delays and filters to make final mix more dynamic.In 2012 he has explored magic of Ableton LIVE! and in January 2013 he released his first track "Hallucinations" on DEEP WAVE RECORDS label owned by Ian Metty from Barcelona. This track is also supported by Marco Carola and chosen by him as the best one on compilation Winter Express Vol.1.Labels like Bla Bla, Defected, Large Music, My Favorite Robot Recs, BEEF Records, Crosstown Rebels, Just Like That Music, Nightphunk Recs, Fluomo Recs, Get Physical Music, Ellum Audio, Hot Creations, Innervisions, Kompakt, Life and Death, Deep Wave Recs, Off Recs, Poker Flat Recs, Supplement Facts, Tsuba, Wolf + Lamb Recs... will have always his big respect and support.