- Lucas Y


DJ and music producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Music has always played a meaningful role in Lucas’ life. From a young age, he was introduced to the sonic world through instruments such as the violin, saxophone, drums and guitar, operating as channels to express his creativity, and eventually leading to his dedication towards dance music as a young teenager. Since then his passion for the craft has only increased, and slowly but surely, Lucas is starting to make his mark in the local scene. His formal education in the matter begun in 2013 at “Escuela Sónica”, being devoted ever since to forging his skills and expand his musical horizons. With the passing of time he became involved with his partner and close friend Joaquin Schmilovich (“Cocun”), and together they created in 2016 “DimyL.cS”, a duo whose sound can best be defined as a rhythmically complex entity within the massive spectrum of house music. Currently Lucas is part of the carefully selected artist roster for event producers “EDEN BA”, name that starts to resonate with full force within the local scene, while continuing to work on his first set of original releases.