- Luan Awfulitch


Luan Souza, better known as Luan Awfulitch, is a DJ and Producer who lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil, he has been in the music industry as a professional for 8 years.He made his first remix when he was 13, exploring new trends, seeking to strong melodies, dance tunes, merry melodies and always innovating new techniques and their performances. he entered the field of music production and fell in love with House and Trance and its variations. He always fills his songs with a lot of energy and passion to the dance floor. Their strong melodies and memorable basslines of their complexity and makes all its productions are unique. He has remixed tracks from artist all over the world. His sets range from progressive house to the progressive trance. At this point, we can all agree that his performance will heat up any dance floor around the world. he always injects his energy in his music, and always ignites the dance floor with their shows. His songs always vibrant, full of groove and explosive melodies. he is always one step ahead in terms of quality and energy in their songs.