LP SOUND a semi-veteran to the music industry game. A San Francisco native, now residing in Las Vegas. Started as a Drummer at the early age of four. That as soon as he found his fathers record collection, began his career as a Disc Jockey self-taught at age 11 using a tape deck, one turntable and a stereo receiver. After finally purchasing a pair of turntables and a mixer at age 16. With a fierce determination, LP SOUND practiced day and night in order to hone in on his skills. In developing his talent, he gained notoriety through a steady release of mixes on tape and compact disc, heavy participation in DJ Battles, Events and Nightclub Performances. Proving his worth, he has to be known for his precise scratch techniques and smooth blends. With his own unique eclectic flavor and extensive knowledge of almost every genre of music, complimented by the open- format style of mixing and beat matching seamlessly on point has made LP SOUND a very powerful all-around player in the game. LP SOUND, blessed to be a multi-faceted talent with a diverse range of skills both as a DJ and as a Music Producer, he founded his own label Fourfifteen Recordings in 2004. Even with a consistent work flow and the pressure of having the ability to cater to any crowd. LP SOUND continuously moves forward in seeking to creatively innovate music using a strong foundation in sound design and track production. Which remarkably makes him stand out as it has made him one of the most respected artists in the market today.