- Lox D


Passionate about music drummer and training Lox -D began in 1999 mix at raves , inspired by dj as Arno ( noumea ) and Tonio and Carl Cox. He had the chance to perform at the next artists like Oxia , Wally Lopez and Tony Thomas ... to mention only the .It was not until 2011 that he began the production and launches into a powerful techno but with groovy particularly hypnotic sounds . Quickly he signed his first EP duet with Willy Real on Grrreat Recordings with Microtrauma Traum , and Van Loan Gamboa Did, as well as some great releases on the famous Ukrainians Adro / Callote and Shiva Audio Recordings , Germany label .Lox has recently been playlisted on the compilation of James Warren in November 2013 alongside : Loquai , Steve McGrath, Norti Mauro , Chris Domingo , Derek Howell, Alex Drayling , Mode B, Tvardovsky Silinder , Tanseer , East Cafe , Blood Groove & Kikis , David Broaders , Fon.Leman , Mistol Team Verve , Adam Antine , Faskil , Magnetic Brothers , Integral Bread , Lox D , Jani R , Mondkrater Chris Odium , Alberto Matz , Nick Hogendoorn , Bernie Allen, GRG , Dale Middleton, Matt Fax , Jaytech , Kobana , Verve ! !