- Louis Langone


Louis Langone begins as deejay in t he 90' years t ake part of executive team Italian Radio. In 99' he finishes the studies of sound designer. Despite different labels interested to produce his tracks, Louis refuses the contracts because he believes that his sound still owes "to mature". In 2010 he is ready for the first releases Yellow Mandarine E.P (BM slim), which is positioned immediately in the Top 100 House Chart, and N°1 TOP SELLER in JULY .The Track "Louis House" is selected and included in Ibiza Summer Edition 2010 compilation(May Rec.) along with the Artist of Steve Lawler, Mihalis Safras, Wally Lopez, Wet Fingers etc.26/01 is Out 2° Ep, Coktail Punch (Baile Musik) Played by. R. Hawtin, Lisatt & Many More...in only 6 Days is the N°1 TOP SELLER HOUSE and N°47 TOP SELLER DEEP HOUSE.In 2011 Louis joined in the quality of sound engineer and sound designer at LMSTUDIOS dealing with mastering and audio/visual productions and he starts a collaboration with Niki B. (aka Sonartek) for “Take Over” t he new product ion on May rec. This t rack goes immediately to the top 100 deep house chart. On June 2012 is scheduled the new solo E.P release in Deep Tech House Characters where, like his all tracks, voices are the main structure who create a distinctive ambience, and few minimalist rhythms remain well impressed, in simple but effective arrangiaments.