LMND also known as DJ Lemonade - one of the most popular and unique DJanes, which is based on high-quality sound. LMND is young ambitious Dj. She travels around the world, gives powerful performances and makes people crazy about her music, show, style, sexuality, charisma and professional DJ-skills. She conducted in many European & Asian countries.Her passion is expertly playing «EDM music» in all main forms (Electro-House, Bass-House, Dubstep, Hardstyle & Trap).2018 making debut on Peak Hour Music, as "Lemonade & X.E.O.N." drop a massive bass EP! The Like That EP includes 3 monster tracks "Like That", "Zebra" AND "Swagger T-150".28 September 2018 was released track "LMND & X.E.O.N. - DIZDIZ" worldwide release on Digital Empire Records.