- Lemonade Played


Mexican young duo formed by Israel Espinoza and Rodrigo Silva originated from Guadalajara, Jalisco.These two friends (18 and 17 years old) were attending the same school and it's at that moment they decided to begin mixing as djs. Later on they started producing their own original music, first separately but then noticed that they had that connection together we can hear in their debut track" Reach" .Undoubtedly the most fascinating point in the career of these Progressive House lovers is their first steps when they had performances in major events at their native city in Mexico, sharing the dj box with important names of the electronic scene.In 2013, thanks to their unique vision of electronic music by combining aggressive sounds and energetic melodies, they sign their first contract with the label WhiteCrab Records, marking a date not to be missed. It’s a pleasure to see them having so much success under the acid name of Lemonade Played.