- Le Treizieme Projet


Le treizieme projet . A post-contemporary creative studiothat strives, through its work, to shed new light on certainkey values of the psychedelic, hyper- and sur-realistmovement, electronic culture and our very being. Passion,Respect, Avant-gardism, Sharing, Spirituality, Activism,Vitality.All this in an optimistic ideology from which the ego hasbeen banished. This concept came to life in 2004 with aview to making a modest contribution to awareness therapythrough sound, and personal development through thepower of the arts. The worldwide dissemination of anillustrated sound triptych, along with a written tribute tomixing, laid the foundations of its identity and philosophy. Allthat remained was to work the grOove into future material.Le treiziEme projet's creative scope also includes producingaudio montages for the Web - an effective platform forexpression and interaction, within reach of the entire planet.At a lower-profile level, vinyl mixing and digital programminghave earned it 3 names within the electronic community. Byalways performing different styles that is both eclectic andinvolved, powerful and mystical, dance floors resonate withits sound, turning them into spellbinding places of salvationSince 2008, Le treiziEme projet has been a member of theDiprogress collective, earning itself a residency at the iconicRachdingue surrealist club.Le treiziEme projet currently focusing on live music featuringa digital audio set-up, so that expression is totallycontrolled, combining aRT works and machines...;Theosmosis provides a hypnotic, dream-like vibe, unlocking astate of mind all too often trapped by the humdrum ofeveryday life. The creative work is done by G_pcc, explorersatellite and research & design powerhouse And it is thisnatural syncretism that helps us open up our minds ;Introspection ; Dance ; Eccentricity and Truth No end ispossible. Only the quest for the ultimate is motivating, onlystriving for perfection becomes vital. Positive, negative, it'sup to you ; Freedom is what matters most ; Giving you thecourage to choose and act is all about...We Make Electronica...Ambiant... for Two MuzikLabel...Investigation Music Lovers & LoupBlanc Recording.