- Le Sare


Le Sare has been DJing for over 15 years. As Austrian-born Croatian he began his music career in Vienna after his great sister purchased badly needed equipment couse in those days he was hard up . Highly influenced by the underground scene at the time and also by spending lots of time in Viennas legendary record store called 33:45 he then began DJing in clubs, bars, festivals,.. with great feedbacks from the audience spinning the decks from deep over house to techhouse, keeping always in mind that a good DJ is there for the audience and not backwards. His next step was releasing his own original music, feeling the need to push limits so he could develop further. His main focus is producing tech house and house. He has releases on various labels such as Purple Sun Records, Kushtee Records, Chola Records and his music is also part of several compilations. Keeping himself busy and going from strength to strength Le Sare is definitely one to look out for.