- Lawrence Klein


Behind the alias Lawrence Klein is Lovre Kanjer from Šibenik (Croatia). He jumps behind the decks in 2011. In his DJ sets he takes you through intriguing stories and slightly indented, leading to peaks then let their emotions calm down, and all of this makes with the interplay of deep house and deep techno. The sound that prefers is the dark and mysterious, yet melodic and progressive. At the beginning of 2015 began a series of monthly Podcasts called Deep Playground, which is oriented to the deep, dark and melodic sound. Season 2014/2015 he spent as a resident DJ in Mangan club (Šibenik). He is also one of the founders of the project Tour de Sound which is focused mainly on the House music sound with whom he did a considerable number of DJ gigs, and even live acts. Lately working intensively on its own production, and attempts through production to present his style which is represented in podcasts Deep Playground and Forward Section. Winner of Croatia Burn Residency Mix Off 2017.