- Lansky le Vrai


Several years of vagabonding through his native Paris, Moscow, London and Berlin brought Lansky Le Vrai into a musical exchange with an array of artistic collaborators. Affording the time to traipse through French Hip Hop, Garage and Grime was a luxury that has paid off with conscientious hard work. An autodidact, Lansky Le Vrai has fought for his musical passion, many of these struggles being more romantic in hindsight than in the moment. Settling down in Berlin and dedicating himself to crafting his musical style and identity has been a cathartically invigorating process. His music languorously pays homage to the hard work of being a self-taught outsider to the gilded electronic music world. Lansky Le Vrai has developed his style by embracing influences while staying true to himself. He’s kept his softness and generosity through his lovelorn musical determinism, surrounding himself with warmth. Basking in his new home, his self has found a peacefully energetic balance with his environment.