- L.O


Born on 13th of October 1988, Lars grew up in a small town in the north- east of Germany. In 2005 he found his interest to electronic music. A few years later, as he went to some open air parties and saw the artists playing, he also wanted to do music by his on hands. He got equipment and started to play around a little bit with vinyls and timecode vinyls. By reading a lot about dj'ing and even more by practicing, he teached himself how to handle them. In this time Lars was influenced by the minimal sound of the MINUS Label. Over the times, his tries were getting better and better. In 2011 he played his first gig in a small club. In the last year's he experimented with various styles of electronic music and set his preferences to dark- minimal sounds. He also begann to produce some own tracks. In corporation with his friend Kopfnikker, he made the techno track "Manöver", which was released in October 2012 on SHINOCS MUSIC and other records or label followed as Banm records and Rectangular Label!At this time he prepares new tracks some remixes and podcasts.