- L.a.s.h.a


lasha is a music producer and architect, he was born in tbilisi, the capital of georgia, in 1988'th august, after graduating the collage he studied architecture and design, also always was paying attention to the electronic music, since 2006 he started composing career with name "jacob first" and soon in 2008'th he released his first EP album by "fairlads digital recordings" the album is collected with three original track's in minimal-techno. under name "jacob first" lasha released about 30 track's with many different labels and artists, the most of lasha's track's got on top of the charts in his genres. in 2011 he changed his profile and started new project "l.a.s.h.a.", this is the slow house music, more concentrated on the impressions, also for the people who just loves to listen the music. now lasha is working as architect and still releases his track's.