- Kvazar


Kvazár (Quasar) is a very silent ambient project of thehungarian space-huligan Olivér Dombi.Oliver Dombi is an artist and label owner from Transylvania,born on Christmas evening in 1981. He produces musicunder his real name since 2009. He started to write music in2001 and released his first track on Vinyl in 2006 as'Audiosex' (currently written as Audios3x). He also created'Shambala Networks' in 2007, 'Csillagkod', 'Kvazar' andMorogh in 2011 and these are his main side-projects, as hisfavorite musical genre is Ambient. He makes all types ofmusic, that was the reason multiple projects were born.www.kvazar.yolasite.com