- Krizz Luco


With deep house and tech house to spoil his ears, if you look at one of the pulsating DJ sets from Krizz Luco surrenders.Born in Remscheid, then started his interest in DJing at age 12.Krizz Luco's sets make good humor, telling of the big parties and clubs, on weekends and never want to end the course of the great love of music.To mix a piece of music to another, edit and re-interpreted, is no easy task. Only the right balance between respect for the individual tunes and his own approach of ultimately makes a good DJ.With bookings in many trendy clubs of the Republic, since 2009 provides ample opportunity for Krizz Luco to refine his style and continues to develop. 2011 he started with releases and remixes on Hoehenregler rec. Kittball and rec.