- Kriz S


Beginning his career as a DJ in 2009 playing alongside big names toGabe, Felguk, Felten, Bruno Barudi, Void, Wrecked Machines, Velkro, Re Dupre, D-nox among others.Since the beginning of his career has been showing their productions to the public.Always with minimalist elements leading the audience to different atmospheretraveling between Minimal, Techno and Tech house.In 2013 put their work on the world stage by launching Labels electronic music from different countries.In 2014 he created his own label'' BRUTAL MINIMAL RECORDS''Início a carreira como DJ em 2009 tocando ao lado de grandes nomesGabe, Felguk, Felten, Bruno Barudi, Void, Wrecked machines, Velkro, Re dupre, D-nox entre outros.Desde do inicio da carreira vem mostrando suas produções para o publico.Sempre com elementos minimalistas levando o publico a atmosfera diferenteviajando entre Minimal, Techno e Tech house.Em 2013 colocou seu trabalho na cena mundial lançando por Labels de musica eletrônica de diversos países.Em 2014 criou sua própria Label '' BRUTAL MINIMAL RECORDS ''