- Kredo


Kredo is a breakthrough artist hailing from Bern, Switzerland. He has played piano for more than fourteen years and has been recording for three years. Beginning with experimenting on drum machines and outboard synths, Kredo has found a new calling in digital EDM production. After trying many genres, he found his passion in hardhitting Electro and Dubstep. His production skills are continually growing, and he claims that he finds new challenges beneficial to his workflow.2011 saw Kredo reach out to many independent labels. He’s done many collaborations with various artists in the community. As of 2012, he has found home with Absence Agency. He has since put out a debut EP, Agony, which is available as a free download through his Facebook profile. Kredo is a bolt of fresh energy in the contemporary EDM scene, and his productions and performances are sure not to be missed.