When creating an authentic sound, it is best to start from the ground up, going from an artist’s roots to the final fruit-bearing tree. KORKMAZ knows this process well. Raised on the Mediterranean Coast, the Turkish descendant would listen to Anatolian folk music and locally based artists before progressing into the popular genres of today. This journey and progression are what KORKMAZ focused on when he eventually became an electronic music artist. If music truly is a vessel for messages and emotions, then there is no better place to tell one’s journey than through instrumentals. KORKMAZ likes to keep the listener engaged and active while creating timeless moments at all of his performances. He does this all while presenting unique mixes that show his passion for music from the ancient sounds to grow from Mesopotamia to modern-day electronic music playing in every night club to date. With a series of EPs out and more performances to come in the next decade, KORKMAZ shows how authenticity and a connection to your beginnings create an undeniable sound! www.instagram.com/korkmazmusic www.facebook.com/korkmazmusic www.soundcloud.com/korkmazmusic