- Koray Aras


Born in Istanbul, Koray Aras’ passion for electronic dance music and DJing began at his early ages, then the music become an indispensable part of his life. Being influenced by melodic feeling of electronic music, his DJ career that started with an amateur spirit, now continues as a professional today. His musical journey began with preparing DJ mixes for online radio programs based in U.S. and Europe. Now, continues with DJing in various clubs by playing genres like progressive trance and progressive house, and also by being a producer composing his own tracks in melodic and emotional style of electronic dance music, and then recently he started to release his own productions. Musically, Koray Aras has a sound of warm and strong beats meet melodic and rhythmic themes, which add character to his style. Koray Aras’ passion for electronic dance music becomes visible during his DJ sets, where he combines progressive house and progressive trance, melodies and grooves, to create a flow and melodic connection with the dance floor.