- Kolliders


Kolliders are two artists (Chris and Ben), who dedicated their efforts to produce trance and electronic music...Their musical journey started about 10 years ago at school, when they decided "electronic music can be more than simple iz iz iz".After some years of studying and work, they decided that producing music is what they actually want to do... so back to the start Kolliders are once again learing how to produce and how to integrate their musical thoughts into these so complicated seeming producer programmes. :DTheir favorite genre is trance, ranging from simple trance, progressive, uplifting to all the other EDM forms that are below 145 bpm. ;-)As they continue to learn more about the current scene and technological possibilities, Kolliders also experiments with some simple EDM characteristics... but to be honest, they will stay experiments, as their hearts are devoted to trance...Please support Kolliders, buy their tracks (if you really like them), and follow them on facebook, soundcloud and twitter.