- Kodra


K O D R A (MACEDONIA,CROATIA)Voislav Trajkovski a.k.a Kodra was born 1986 in Skopje, Macedonia. Since 2009 he lives in Z agreb, Croatia.His whole life experience is connected to music, at the age of 5 he starts to play percussion instruments. Professionally he plays percussion and drum instruments.With all of his interests and possibilities together he finds himself in electronic music.His style could allso be seen as a mixture of Psytrance with Progesive melody....or like Cosmomusic :)He had his professional DJ sets in :Ausrtria, Croatia,Teneriffe, Macedonia, Hungary, Albania, Srbija, Poland, Belgium, Germany, France.In 2012 he realized new EP - " Natural Experience " PSYCRO records.Voislav Trajkovski aka Kodra have some versus and rmx tracks with some popular artist :versus track with Juggler and realised for (Popol Vuh rec) , versus with Spirit Architects its new killer project for Dacru records, also rmx track from Dual Corealso he finishing all Ep vs with Insigniaand work on a new tracks with Vicky Merlino