- Kinlax


Who is Kinlax? Born on 17/03/1989 in Livorno (Italy), and resident in London since 2010, began to cultivate his musical passion since childhood, where the family use to listen every genre of music. Energetic young guy, remixer and music producer, Kinlax is starting to harness the recognition to deserves.This talented selector drew the attention of the spotlight early in his career thanks to a series of amazing mash-ups, re-edits and remixes. He has since gone on to demonstrate a natural understanding of audio arrangement and structure, alongside possessing an impressive prowess as a peak-time performer.His productions are appreciated by many, with always new tracks “on the way”, played in the most important clubs, that does make a quantum leap that brings Kinlax to be one of the youngest and most popular artist in the music business of the moment!He already has a psychic ability to know what will make an audience explode. “Emotion and explosion”, he says, are the elements in each of his tracks that shouldn’t never miss.