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 - Kimchi


Kimchi aka 90's Kid "is a DJ and electronic music producer specializing in the genres Minimal Breaks & Techno. After 8 years of artistic career in his country to date, he has marked a trend as one of the few producers of music in Nicaragua and Central America, in addition to being part of high quality regional festivals and international festivals with record labels such as Deeplomatic Recordings and Sisimito Records.Always attentive to contribute to the underground scene, Kimchi emerges from his productions in an atmosphere of tribal and innovative sounds, full of energy and passion, influenced by the beautiful Nicaraguans “flow” and the national and international artists of the professional scene, also from the heavy metal, classic rock and hard core punk in his childhood.His dedication to music and his affinity for it made him a very important tool for automatic learning of "Beat Boxing", a technique usually used by him, to give the first ideas in "grooves" and "basslines" of his digital productions.Kimchi leaves a lot to say with the record labels that have managed to reach a short age, their launches in several tracks have reached the top # 1 among the 10 best tracks, has collaborated in launches with Davide Squillace, Philip Bader, Hector Moran, Metodi Hristov, Mathias Kaden, The Deepshakerz, Paul C and Paolo Martini, Sascha Sound, ONNO, Marcus Gehring, among others.