- Killpixxie


Killpixxie a.k.a Rachella Maria B is a minimal techno DJ and producer who grew up in a small, rural farming community in northern Ontario. After taking numerous music lessons growing up, she started her journey into EDM in 1998 listening on television and online focusing on hard techno, minimal and house. She started venturing into mixing and music production in 2008 before she was able to get into the local clubs, developing skills before being exposed to a live, performance environment. After working on production and mixing in her spare time, she started to gain radio show spots in 2010 and her first EP is set to release March 2011. Her range bet ween groovy minimal t o eerie, dark t echno sounds bring a twist of roof raising and melodic flavor to her mixes, remixes and production. Her charisma and distinctive sound make Killpixxie a name to look out for in 2011.