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KILLA VOICE - real name Khurshed.He was born on August 3, 1988 among residential populations far in the Pamir MountainsPamir Mountains on the border with Afghanistan, Iran and China:"There is a nation Pamiris, they are often referred to as the Afghans, Uzbeks, but they are actually their own language, their own culture, mentality - Pamiris - descendants of Alexander the Great."Pamir also are among the Aryan people ...1997 experienced the first attraction to music when he was 9 years old.Having a musical ear and absorbed the music of different peoples, already 10 years old artist writes the first song.Since 2005 he and his team SD FAMILY began performing at various clubs in MoscowIn 2007 the band broke up ...Having the ability to avoid military service in winter 2007 the musician is to serve in the Armed Forces, he chooses a different path, according to the artist - is correct.from 2009 to 2011 after serving in the army Kill'y invited in different clubs of Moscow as the MC and organizer of the hip-hop party.from 2010 Killa Voice starts work with famous Russian producer and performer Dominic Joker. In summer 2010, they were shooting a video sharing and debut video for Killa on the track "You will want""I really like the fact that I work in Killa close adhesion. This is not just my next work - says Dominic - This is something new, bright. T hat was not in my own work before, appeared due Killa. "Spring 2011 - released video "You will want" ft. Dominick Jocker & RafSpring 2012 released video "Love Is" ft. ShamiFall 2012 - released video "I will be with you" ft. Music Hayk Fall 2013 - released video "Sexy Chick" [FEELDAFLAVA RECORDS]2013-08-06 18:45:11 feeldaflava@me.com Killa VoiceFor little term Killa Voice has worked on the same stage with such Russian artists as: UnorthodoxX, Dope Solution, Timati, Dominick Jocker, UnorthodoxX, Dj MEG, legend rap team Bad Balance, Jean Milimeroff, Music Hayk, Zolotoy, etc. and with such foreign artists like famous hip-hop star CASSIDY (USA), Brasco (USA, Mosely Music Group), Dj NON ST OP (USA, Official DMX Dj), T he Rangers (USA), Jimmie Sissoko (France) e tcP.S. Killa Voice also having fun on the SnapBack caps in his collection has more than a dozen of their caps, thus having such passion for headwear at the beginning of next year, opened its own online store with his brand-line SnapBacks " SnapBackSwagg"