- Kid Kamillion


Haling from the dirty south mecca of New Orleans, Bryan Normand also known by his 808 bass slangin alter ego Kid Kamillion began his career at early age. In high school he put down his skateboard and turned his focus to spinning records. By college he was curating the rave movement throughout the southern US and had made a name for himself.After taking over the new orleans nightlife scene Kid Kamillion took his knowledge of southern hip hop and the last 10 years of rave culture, and began fabricating his own sound. Quickly after gaining recognition from EDM ambassador A-Trak for his edit of “Heads will roll”, Kid Kamillion has earned a stout reputation among current heavy hitter DJs throughout the EDM and festival scene. With his art & music rapidly spreading onto blogs and main stages world wide, Kid Kamillion’s mass appeal is doing just that."