- Khaled Hussein


Khaled Hussein is famous for his sizzling beats and defiantly a threat to be reckoned around the globe. With his latest releases by Pacha Recording for his single (You & I) and returning from his last world tour in countries like London, Russia, Dubai etc... on top of all that a show“Element 8” airing in Canada & France on radio stations.Khaled Hussein supreme passion for House music has merged his out static performance alongside with the world’s finest talent & venues.2011 was a special year for him as he has been chosen to be one of the top 300 Dj's at the world by the official world ranking DJ's DJMAG , and won a trophy of Virgin mega stores in Egypt for being the favorite DJ.It is with no doubt that Khaled has altered the Egypt's Dance scene and taken his crowds to new heights. The future holds nothing more but success, progress, triumph and achievements... Khaled can truly be titled as a "Pioneer".