- Kevin Julien


Kevin Julien has an extensive musical background with a range of experience initially in Hip Hop working with many artists including the founder of Hip Hop; Africa Bambaata. While cutting his teeth as a producer he also undertook studies in Classical Music Theory and Jazz Piano. Through freelancing he has worked in a variety of mediums; composing music for film, theatre, and performing as an instrumentalist in bands. After sometime collaborating in production partnerships that led to remixing work for Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Knowles as well as Jocelyn Brown, he has since focussed entirely on his own music (either original compositions or remixing). This has proven a fruitful time as his reputation is burgeoning on the back of a series of world class remixes in the House Music scene for Michael Watford, Alfredo Norese, Salvatore Agrosi, Wayne Tennant and Gregory Purnell.