- Kev Kruz


Kev Kruz - The New York City to Atlanta event maker. Theass kicker and name taker - The Love and Light man - Theonly American Iklwa Brother - Bangin beats like no other-The turntabilist AND button pusher - The party rocker- Themost Afrolistic - Tech House mystic - Keep ya dancefloorlifted - The Todd Terry, InHouse artist - Rock hardest - TheOpen Bar Music, Album dropper- The ex Hip-Hopper -The Natural Essence Radio, Beat Down Purveyor- TheDeep House Mayor- The Soothe Sayer - The on the set, nogames player- Kev Dot- aka Book Me - aka Bob Molly - TheFort Greene Park Brooklyn, banger- The Club Shelter, dancefloor tamer- The one you want djaying ya party- TheOriginal, Are You Afro? Dude- Aka Dj Eat Ya Food - Aka,Rinsing Beats Out Out Rude -The Rough Tracks Producer - The song writer - The manwith the pretty lyrics and nasty beats- Kev Dot Kruz akaDeep House Treats- The Soul Shift Music, fly new guy-Peaced out but no Tie-Dye -The Crate Digger - The Last Hour Religion - The man withthe vision... Kev Dot - aka Make Ya House Music Hot - akaMake People Happy - Google me and get at me -