- Kenny Dolo


Kenneth Zola Dolo known as "Kenny Dolo" founder of Dream Deep Music is based in Cape Town, South Africa. A very focused and driven individual who first participated in music in his early years of primary school.As years went by he fell inlove with the idea of creating his own music and playing it on the dancefloors.In 2009 he was then influenced by his friends in creating beats from scratch. Two years of being exposed to so many computer hardware and software plugins he met a guy by the name of Vusi Mngomezulu known as "Mavesa" and they formed a group called "Soul Essential Records". The group consisted of 5 people, Mavesa, Nasty-K, Arthur-K, Kenny Dolo and Thando."Soul Essential Records" became the turning point in my career because of the inspiration and motivation I received and gave to the guys I worked with" says Kenny.Year 2011 Soul Essentail Records unfortunately split and came to an end due to different views and paths chosen by the members of the group. On the brighter side of that, two members (Nasty-K & Arthur-K) known as "SerenadedPeope" are apart of the Dream Deep Music Company formed in 2012 and Mavesa has ventured into Live sound and events.Kenny Dolo then started a label in the year 2012 called Dream Deep Music. The label is currently running and growing steadily. Inspired by the likes of Atjazz, Black Coffee and Ralf Gum, Kenny Dolo aims to achieve greatness in the business space of running Dream Deep Music and creating great music.