- Kemo


DJ Fabio calls it "Electronic Genius". Laurent Garnier thinks he is "Brilliant!" ATM, MixMag, KMag regularly award KEMO tracks: "Tune of the Month". We think its deep, cinematic club music that is even better headphone sax. But, ... what do YOU think?!2012 is a big year for KEMO, featuring on the highly acclaimed DRS LP with "Renegade", on Octane & DLR's "Clarity" and the absolutely massive "Pure Gold" by Callyx & Teebee.KEMO’s global upbringing has allowed him to absorb to a wide variety of cultures and experiences, a fact that is clearly reflected in his musical work: he is currently also working on Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Broken Beat and Hip Hop tracks with a variety of producers. KEMO has worked with big names across genres: Breakage, Zed Bias, LYNX, Callyx & Teebee, Octane & DLR, Matt Flores, SPY, DRS... just to name a few.Labels featuring KEMO are as diverse as RAM, Soul:r, Digital Soundboy, Unique, Combination Records, Edel, Etage noir and Lebensfreude.2007 and LYNX & KEMO's first release Global Enemies saw its release on Soul:r to accolades by the scene’s top DJs. Closely followed by the equally impressive Carnivale later in 2007 it firmly cemented LYNX & KEMO as the most exciting and original D&B acts to surface in years. The LYNX & KEMO album "The Raw Truth" was nominated as best album of the year and KEMO was nominated as best newcomer of the year 2008.