- Keith Novum


His story starts when he was 10 years old & received hisfirst mix tape from one of the best techno club in Belgium atthat time , the Bocaccio life. He started mixing at 12 with thematerials of his neighbour. He spinned and tried out a lot ofstyles.He was influenced by T he Mackenzie, CP, Marco, Georges,Tofke,Georges ,the Belgium djs, and from overseas Svenvath, Luciano, Chus… to name a few. When he was 17 hewon his first dj contest at Palladium and got a residence inthe Factory club in Brussels.In 2008 he played at the Brussels P. parade. Now hisfavourites styles are tech-house, deep-house, progressive,Techno melodic, Electronica and minimal. In 2011 Claude Eldivino selected him in a dj contest between 250 djs to playat “Fuse” just before Ida Engberg, Monika Kruse & MarcoBailey for “T he City Parade” ‘s Kick off party.In 2011 i had a concept “Push the wall” at the “Escobar”.Since March that year he also started producing and he hasbeen 6months at Sae institute to follow a course inElectronic music producing.Loving music, passionated, creative and dreamer he startedmixing as a need.when he starts playing he fully gets into the music andcreates a special atmoshpere in his sets through thedeepest to the most craziest tracks to brings you in hisworld