- Keinke


Originally from Mexico City, Keinke is an experienced DJ and producer whose sound has been evolving since his first releases with Xood Records, a house- oriented record label and Boorama rec (Sub label of Xood )dedicated to techno where step by step It was changing its soundFinally he consolidated a style with enough tracks to form a Live act, in which he has been working the last years focusing on a more robust and hypnotic sound with metallic sounds and spatial atmospheres that bring him closer to the techno dub.This new approach has led him to present both the live project, as dj in different cities of the country, from clubs in cdmx as Terrace Cathedral, AM, Tara, Terrace Regina, Cotidiana, in Cholula Puebla, Pachuca and Club 01 in Carmen beach. As well as the opportunity to record Podcast for labels such as V Sun Records and Interdit (Label based in Barcelona), the latter aired on Barcelona radio.last year he joined V Sun Records, where he met with a group of DJs and producers with whom immediately shared tastes and points of view that led him to form part of V Sun Records roster, where gonna release good part of the material in which he has worked, on his first Ep are include remixes of German artists such as Snitch and Sebastian Feldhof.