- Kazuma Onishi


Kazuma Onishi is a Japanese DJ & Producer living in Melbourne, Australia.With a strong gravitational pull towards Techno, Kazuma has a diverse range and taste in music, often playing Minimal House, Deep House, Tech House. Using a unique and interesting style of mixing developed over years of playing different styles, including hip hop, R&B and Trance, Kazuma often finds unique and new ways of blending tracks and genres. As a producer he is able to incorporate loops and samples into his sets, drawing on his wide array of inspiration to create a multi layered groove and colorful journey. His music is often hypnotic, spacey and high energy with a driving sense of direction balanced with trance inducing melody. Kazuma has played at Australian festivals such as Strawberry Fields, Earthcore and underground parties in Melbourne at venues such as My Aeon, Brown Alley, New Guernica, 161, Loop, and Shed 14