- Katrin Fabieu


Katrin Fabieu is firmly rooted in Tech-House Music. Her musical perfectionism draws a wide variety of sounds to create a richly diverse sonic palette.Katrin Fabieu was born in Tomsk, Russia in October 1989. Her musical affinity turned out in the early years of the new millennium.At age 18 Katrin Fabieu moved to Hamburg/Germany and started working as a professional dancer for various clubs, bars and artists while she developed her DJ-skills constantly. Some of the highlights in 2011 were her DJ-sets in Anahata and Air Lounge in Koh Phangan T hailand.In 2013 Katrin Fabieu makes her recording debut with “Real Good” on a young and hyped-up digital record label that goes by the name of PYRO RECORDS. Katrin Fabieu is about to begin a long and fruitful collaboration with vocalist Shawn Mierez and the guys behind the label Denito and Oliver West.