- Kate Orange


In such a wild and complicated show business world it is noteasy to find a realdiamond among the performers.However,if you intend to make you show unique you cannotmiss Kate Orange who is singer, producer DJane andperformer based in the Netherlands.She has great charisma, remarkable voice and looksgorgeous on every performance.Her music style is electronic pop, dance, jazz pop. It soundseasy and catchy.Similar to: Kylie Minogue and Depeche Mode.Kate Orange has already performed as a solo vocalist,support vocalist for other producers and DJ’s and as a DJin the following countries: Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland andItaly.She has shared stage with artists such as Miss Melody(NL), Billy the Klit (NL),Michael Mendoza, Anne Savage, Carita La Nina, UmetOzkan and many others.Kate Orange’s tracks were performed by other DJ’s andproducers. Her song “Mad Party” was played as the openingtrack during Gay parade in Madrid in 2012.T he song Stereo Radio Spanish T V used for T V show “El –Hermiguero” where David Guetta presented the new DJcabin with Kate’s song.T he song Kiss my Lips has become a perfect wedding songfor a couple from the USA. Also Kiss my lips used for manyfashion show promo videos.