- Karnyvalis


Born in the northern France, Electronic music is its favorite since it explosed in the 90s. While he was 14 years old, he fed at that time a huge fascination for this kind of sounds and so he started composing on his old atari ST trackers. Later in his teens age he also learnt mixing but unfortunately the things of life made all this has remained at the leisure stage. Several years later he decided to live his passion as far as his determination would take him. Shortly afterwards, he learnt to play keyboard and some others instruments as a self-thaught musician and sharpened his musicals tastes. Today he's an eclectic artist and he draws inspiration in many kind of music but he particularly enjoys melancholic and melodic style. However, this two-faceted producer is able to surprise you with some electricals and punchy sounds he loves too. By the way, its main objective is your ears pleasure and he proves it by its motto: "Welcome in my head, it's better than your bed!!"