- Karma Konnect


In the music community of the world there are only a select few people who truly put their passion into their art like that of Indian artist/producer/promoter Nick aka Manish Arora/Karma Konnect. Nick has put in extensive efforts over the past decade to not only hone his skills as a world renowned DJ but has established himself as one of the top electronic music producer in the entire country of India. Nicks label Shivlink Records has made huge contributions to the community bringing the domestic electronic music scene to life bringing major DJs to Shivlink events and also releasing albums from over a dozen music artists.Nick’s newest project is Karma Konnect which is “eclectic blend of new age digital sounds” mixed with old school “goa trance”. His forte is connecting with his crowd and has what it takes to connect with every single person on the dance floor empowering them to have the time of their lives through his music.